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Affordable Schools for Troubled Teens

Ozark Trails Academy in Missouri Provides Excellent Clinical Care and Outdoor Adventures for Struggling Teens.

Affordable Schools for Troubled Teens

Ozark Trails Academy is a Missouri therapeutic boarding school that offers the finest clinical care with exciting outdoor adventures for troubled teens. We accept students year-round and are licensed to provide all levels of therapeutic care for youth, ages 13-19, with mild to moderate emotional and behavioral problems.

Ozark Trails helps struggling teens find positive new ways to manage life’s obstacles and traumas that have strained their well-being and relationships in the past. Affordable Schools for Troubled Teens

With unlimited access to spring rivers, caves, hiking, equine, and biking trails, we have the perfect balance of nature, inclusive of a large, comfortable facility to let our students feel safe in a home environment. All of the environmental components at Ozark Trails Academy allow for an intensive clinical experience to occur while methodically, comprehensively and thoroughly addressing each student’s treatment needs. 

Some of the ways that Ozark Trails Academy is different from other schools is that we have the luxury of being in an environment that lets struggling teens completely disconnect from the outside vices of the world. The nature setting allows students to commit their full attention to themselves, their individualized treatment, the peer dynamics at Ozark Trails, and their families.

We provide family focused and individual treatment care by licensed clinical therapists for our struggling teens. Parents and family members are very much involved in therapy and are encouraged to be as involved  as possible. Anyone who is a part of the student’s support is someone that we want to be included in therapy.