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Incredible Academics

Ozark Trails Academic Program – Earn High School and Optional College Credits


Ozark Trails Academy residential treatment center provides an education program for struggling teens.  Courses are developed by curriculum specialists, certified teachers, and digital developers that meet state learning standards. This includes post-secondary dual credit courses and allows your student to earn high school and higher education credits simultaneously.

We want your child to receive an accredited education and the support services needed to finish high school and receive their diploma. This is our priority at Ozark Trails Academy.

  • Course Alignment to State Learning Standards
  • Web Content Accessibility
  • Data Security Review
  • State Certificated Teachers
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Academic Advisor
  • Tutoring
  • College Board Approval of Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
  • Credit Recovery

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Bored? Struggling?

No matter whether your teen struggles with learning issues, or finds school boring, Ozark Trails Academy boarding school accommodates all types of students–gifted, talented, and those struggling to catch up. Because our goal is to provide a successful educational experience that supports each student’s emotional, mental, and social growth, our licensed teachers lead small classes where teen boys and girls can learn at their own level and speed. Teachers pay attention to each student’s learning needs and offer positive support in the classroom.