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Outstanding Clinical Therapy

Therapy for Troubled Teenagers

troubled teen program

Our licensed therapists and trained staff at Ozark Trails Academy residential treatment center work with troubled teens year-round to provide all levels of therapeutic care for mild to moderate emotional and behavioral problems. We typically serve students suffering from trauma, adoption, attachment disorder, and mistreated.

An individualized clinical therapy plan and focused care help our students move to a better place mentally and emotionally in a much shorter period, alleviating the difficulties and broken relationships they are experiencing. We provide family-focused and individual treatment care by licensed clinical therapists.

The environmental components at Ozark Trails Academy allow for an intensive clinical experience while methodically, comprehensively, and thoroughly addressing each student’s treatment needs. Research demonstrates better post-treatment outcomes when youth participate in outdoor experiential learning and residential treatment. Riding and caring for horses, exploring, rock-climbing, and river activities all contribute to the therapy process that helps teens transform their hearts and minds.

Common Therapy Techniques at Ozark Trails