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Residential Treatment Center for Your Teen with Self-Harm Disorder

Ozark Trails Academy
– Help for your Teen Suffering with Self-Harm Disorder 

Ozark Trails Academy understands that you want to find help now for your teen  boy or girl who struggles with Self-Harm Disorder. Please take a moment to look over this article, and then give us a call, (417) 278-6868.

What is Self-Harm Disorder?

Self-Harm (also known as self-abuse, self-mutilation or self-injury) can be the way by which an adolescent communicates feelings they are unable to articulate, allowing distraction from painful emotions, or gaining control over, at least, his or her body if feeling unable to control anything else in life.

We know how to help your teen who might be struggling with Self-Harm, a condition in which he or she is deliberately causing injury to self, more than just in the form of cutting, sometimes by punching, head banging, drinking something dangerous like detergent, breaking bones or preventing wounds from healing. 

Many teens who suffer from Self-Harm report some type of childhood abuse (sexual or physical), and almost all sufferers say they were discouraged from showing emotions.  Self-Abuse is not usually seen as a cry for help, since teens generally do it in secret, and work to cover up not only the behavior, but also the emotions leading to it.  Your child may feel alone or empty inside, fearful of intimate relationships.  Self-harming behaviors can be a sign of several different psychiatric illnesses or personality disorders, so should be diagnosed professionally. 

There is not one, standard treatment approved for this disorder, but a myriad of options, such as different types of psychotherapy.  Care might include outpatient therapy or hospitalization or (aiding in understanding destructive thoughts and behaviors, acquiring skills in developing outside relationships, etc.), mindfulness-based therapies (which help living in the present and more accurately interpreting the actions of those around you) and, possibly, medication. 

Ozark Trails—A Place of Hope, Healing and Purpose for Troubled Teens.

Ozark Trails is an affordable residential treatment center that provides outstanding clinical therapy, incredible academic learning, and amazing outdoor responsibility and adventure for teen girls and boys, ages 13-19. Our program is family focused, and students receive individual treatment care by licensed clinical therapists.

Ozark Trails rests on 750 acres near Willow Springs, MO. Daily life and therapy here includes horses, chickens, farming, rafting, spelunking, rock climbing, hiking, wilderness learning, and so much more.  With an unlimited access to spring rivers, caves, hiking, equine, and biking trails, we have the perfect balance of nature, inclusive of a large, comfortable facility to let our students feel safe in a home environment.

Again, if your teen boy or girl needs help recovering from Self-Harm Disorder, please call us at (417) 278-6868 now. We want to help him or her find new positive ways to manage life’s obstacles and traumas, and discover a true change of heart.