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Troubled Teens

Troubled Teen? Check out our therapeutic boarding school, Ozark Trails Academy.

troubled teensDoes your troubled teen need to adjust his or her thoughts and behaviors? The compassionate staff at Ozark Trails Academy provides mentorship which can lead to healing from past trauma! At this residential treatment center, teens struggling with self-destructive behaviors and attitudes receive individual assessment and therapy. As our therapists identify the source of negative behaviors, your teen will learn how to address their deep needs and find ways to heal. Every member of our team wants to help your troubled teen find meaning and purpose in their life.

Ozark Trails helps troubled teens to realize their potential in life.

Many troubled teens become a great risk to themselves or others. As a result of past trauma, they often act out their pain on others. Ozark is an affordable Christian therapeutic boarding school offering clinical care, amazing outdoor adventures, and excellent academics year-round.  Our accredited high school education program offers academic repair which goes toward a high school diploma. Your teen can even transition from high school to college through Southwest Missouri State, with two free years and career training.

troubled teensOzark’s position on education can repair your troubled teen’s grades and set them up for long-term success. Students receive an accredited educational experience that accommodates both gifted students, and those struggling to catch up. Our campus building includes onsite classrooms, a computer lab, and a quiet open space where teens can focus on school studies.

Your troubled teen will learn to develop healthy relationships.

Teens enrolled here learn to work well with others. They also receive much-needed hope for restoring and building relationships at home and in their community.

Our program offers nightly community sessions to encourage unity and cooperation within the student body.

troubled teen programSupported by certified staff and mentors at this Christian residential treatment center in scenic Missouri, teens experience new behaviors in a monitored, safe environment. The outstanding accredited curriculum allows your teen to participate, learn and grow at their own pace. And the positive work and equine therapies at Ozark Trails also teaches the importance of a true change of heart.

Ozark’s activities encourage important life changes for troubled teens to get their life back!

troubled teens

Not only do teens here benefit from opportunities and activities to grow on campus, like character-building chores, fun recreation, practical therapy, spiritual guidance; they also go on amazing outdoor adventures that challenge what they know about themselves. These adventures open up a world of new opportunities for troubled teens. Through these experiences at this Christian residential treatment center, troubled teens can change their outlook on life! New lives of troubled teens often start with the daily practice of obedience, humility, self-control, courage, responsibility, and respect for others.

Ozark Trails Academy’s residential treatment center helps even the most troubled teen girls and boys, ages 13-19 through the finest clinical care with exciting outdoor adventures. Each of us on the team at Ozark wants to help your troubled teen discover real change into a normal, healthy lifestyle at home and at your local high school, college, or workforce back.

Call today at (417) 278-6868 to find out if Ozark Trails Academy is sounds right for your troubled teen. You can also e-mail our admissions officer at enroll@ozarktrailsyouth.com.