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Structural Family Therapy at Ozark Trails Benefits Struggling Students

Parents looking for effective therapy methods to help a struggling young boy or girl can learn about Structural Family Therapy used at our therapeutic boarding school in MO. 


Ozark Trails Academy understands that parents want to send a child to a safe, monitored environment where their child receives personal care, and individual therapies that help heal emotional and mental disorders–whether brought on by trauma, foster care, adoption or family genetics. 


And while the young child or teen enrolls our therapeutic boarding school for counseling, treatment, and improving academic/life skills, Ozark Trails also helps students improve mental and physical health through Structural Family Therapy, led by licensed therapists

What is Structural Family Therapy?:

“Structural family therapy (SFT) is a treatment that addresses patterns of interaction that create problems within families. Mental health issues are viewed as signs of a dysfunctional family; therefore, the focus of treatment is on changing the family structure rather than changing individual family members. The goal of SFT is to improve communications and interactions among family members and to highlight appropriate boundaries to create a healthier family structure.” 1

“After observing how your family interacts, the therapist will draw a chart, or map, of your family’s structure. This chart helps identify the hierarchy, boundaries, and subsystems, or sub-relationships, within the family unit, such as the relationship between parents or between one parent and one particular child. Using this outline, the therapist can also see where changes are needed and what type of interventions will help restructure the family. Family members may be asked to role-play a problematic situation and, at times, the therapist may appear to be “taking sides” to help disrupt a negative pattern within a family subsystem and change the dynamic of the relationship.” 1

Structural Family Therapy Enhances Student’s Growth at Ozark Trails

That’s why Ozark Trails Academy uses Structural Family Therapy. We want each student to experience effective counseling as well as improve daily life at school, and back home with family.

If you want to learn more about how Structural Family Therapy effectively helps students open up and heal at our therapeutic boarding school, please call (417) 278-6868 now.


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